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Improvement Leaders

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This programme helps you to develop the internal capability of your organisation to deliver improvement. 

It builds on existing expertise and capability and uses the best practice learning from the NHS and other health economies from around the world to allow you to better address your organisation's performance and capability issues.  It also provides the skills and techniques required to deliver sustainable change from within your organisation.

The Improvement Leaders Programme has been implemented in England, Northern Ireland and New Zealand.

Benefits and outcomes

Working with our international partners, the key impacts which have been identified include: 

  • The programme provides organisations with the tools and capability to internally deliver change at scale, making a positive impact on your organisation.
  • It creates better capability within the organisation to engage with change.
  • It provides a common language for change and improvement across the organisation.
  • Improvement Leaders creates a patient-centred culture to improve performanc.

The programme explained

Built upon the best selling 'Improvement Leaders Guide', this programme provides the key capabilities required by leaders through a:

  • Phased delivery of face-to-face modules over a nine month period, each module involving three days of input from the specialist NHS Institute team.
  • Tailored to your organisation's improvement leaders' needs, modules typically focus on patient pathways, HR, performance, measurement, redesign and patient engagement
  • Taking your organisation's improvement projects, we will work together using practical steps to help you deliver tangible results in improvement delivery.
  • The programme has been developed from NHS Institute's Improvement Leader's Guide, the best selling publication on the subject.
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