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The Commissioning Series

Join us for the Commissioning Series, a fresh resource for commissioning.  This series of national online seminars provides commissioning leaders with an opportunity to hear the latest thinking on the hot topics you've identified. 

Each seminar will connect you with key national leaders in commissioning, to hear the latest news and ideas, and join the live discussion.  The series goes beyond the policy and rhetoric to focus on the practical issues of building robust, engaging and high quality clinical commissioning groups.   

The Commissioning Series Webinar Evaluation, please click this link to participate in an online questionnaire.

Commissioning Series - Upcoming webinars

Produced quarterly, Better Care Better Value (BCBV) indicators   (18 March 2013 @ 1pm)

Produced quarterly, Better Care Better Value (BCBV) indicators identify potential areas for improvement in efficiency. Each BCBV indicator has an associated "productivity opportunity" which is an estimate in activity and monetary terms of what an organisation could realise if its performance matched that of the 10th, 25th and 50th quartile.

These indicators can be used locally to help: inform planning, inform views on the scale of potential efficiency savings in different aspects of care to generate ideas on how to achieve these savings.

BCBV Indicators are published via their own dedicated web site at

Commissioning Series - Listen to previous webinars

How to engage patients and the public in the commissioning process – the engagement cycle

The engagement cycle was developed originally for the Department of Health and recently refreshed with the NHS Institute to reflect the new commissioning context. This webinar will introduce the Engagement Cycle incorporating how to use the cycle with key engagement challenges. You will be guided to the online information, resources and case studies.

Agreeing commissioning priorities - some tools & techniques

This webinar will introduce you to some tools and techniques that will help you tackle the challenge of prioritising the various commissioning and de-commissioning options that you will be considering. It will offer ways of doing that in a way which is inclusive of stakeholders and publicly defensible.

Beyond Mid Staffs - commissioning for safer care

The NHS Outcomes framework gives CCGs a key role reducing patient harm across the NHS.  The Mid Staffs enquiry has highlighted what can happen when commissioners fail to take a positive lead in safety improvement.  This webinar will help you reflect on the current safety culture in your local health and care system, and introduce key principles and tools to enable CCGs to lead continual improvement in patient safety.  It is possible to lead through commitment as well as compliance – let us show you how.

Making better decisions through better measurement

Commissioners don't have time to waste on the wrong things. Yet the way you use data could be causing you to do just that. Measurement For Improvement is an approach to continual statistical analysis of key data which can help you take action on the right things, understand variation better and drive improvement faster.

This webinar will introduce some of the key concepts of Measurement For Improvement, and point commissioners in the right direction for making better decisions with data.

Collaborating and partnering - some tools and techniques to help your CCG make a difference

All CCGs should be collaborating and partnering - with other CCGs, with providers, with other stakeholders. This webinar will give you an overview of some frameworks, tools and techniques that we hope will help you achieve more effective collaboration, and more effective partnerships.

QIPP success - How to improve quality and spend less

The quality and productivety challenge facing the NHS is huge and CCGs have a key role in meeting that challenge. This webinar will introduce some key concepts, tools and techniques to help you meet your QIPP challenge

Becoming a productive leader

This webinar introduces the transformational and transactional approach of the Productive Leader Programme, and the opportunities it has for improving personal and team productivity.

Best practice for managing your workload, meetings and emails will be shared, to enable sustained change and time to do more value adding activities.

QIPP success - How to measure and reduce variation

This Webinar will provide you with ideas on how to rapidly identify the variation that matters to patients, and take appropriate and effective steps to reduce it.

What are the causes of variation? When is variation warranted? Learn about the range of available measurement techniques to identify variation, and develop effective strategies to understand and reduce unwarranted variation.

Commissioning to improve public value

This webinar introduces the powerful concept of creating 'Public Value' and how this can help commissioners make decisions that reflect the publics views and how public, private and 3rd sectors can work together synergistically to add value for patients and the population.

Choosing and using indicators for improving outcomes locally: tips for commissioners

The NHS Outcomes framework focuses the NHS on high level goals but what measures and indicators can be used at a ccg level to guide effort and measure progress? King's Fund Senior Fellow Veena Raleigh offers some practical advice and guidance.

Commissioning for success with the NHS Change Model

Leading large scale change in the NHS is hard, slow and often frustrating. Worldwide, about 70% of such programmes fail to deliver. This webinar will introduce everything we know about successful change leadership in the NHS, using the new NHS Change Model. It will give you new ideas about how to create comprehensive change strategies that accelerate progress towards your goals, using the best from the worlds of quality improvement, leadership and management.

How to manage your human resources excellently

Research has shown that staff engagement is one of the key factors to influence organisational performance. A recent survey shows that 72% of employers report a lack of leadership and management skills. This session will provide an introduction to the NHS Leadership Framework, underpinning principles upon which it is based and an overview  of resources available to enable staff to build their leadership capacity and capability. This session has been designed to coincide with the stage of development CCGs currently face.

QIPP success - The potential of Productive Providers

This webinar will introduce you to the NHS Institute’s Productive Series and help you understand the impact that the programmes can have in ensuring that your patients receive high quality care delivered in an efficient way – adding value not cost.

Facilitation skills for commissioners

Some top tips for effectively working with groups. Practice, network or multi-disciplinary meetings can be helped with some simple and effective tools, energisers and structures.

There will be an opportunity to pose your problems and nightmare scenarios and take insights from both the webinar audience and our expert facilitators.

Acting in the public interest

Ross ClarkSpeaker: Ross Clark (Head of Hempson’s Corporate Team)

Acting in the public interest will help you understand the requirements on CCGs as statutory NHS organisations regarding public sector decision making, transparency and the law.

CCG governance: the legal landscape

Ross ClarkSpeaker: Ross Clark (Head of Hempson’s Corporate Team)

This webinar will provide details of the legal framework within which CCGs operate as a statutory body. It will provide you with a clear understanding of the powers and constraints on your CCG and the implications for your governing body.

Improving outcomes & value 

Speaker: Jim Easton (National Director for Improvement and Efficiency, Department of Health)

Jim EastonJim discusses the need to improve both quality and cost, and the practical issues in commissioning for these. 

The Journey to Authorisation 

Speaker:  Dame Barbara Hakin (Director General for Commissioning, Department of Health) 

Dame Barbara HakinA review of the process for CCGs to achieve Authorisation, and the top priorities. 

Integration - making collaborative commissioning a reality 
Geoff Alltimes & Robert VarnamSpeakers: Geoff Alltimes and Robert Varnam (Co-Leads for Integration, NHS Future Forum)  

Presentation of the Future Forum's recommendations for improving integration. 


Engaging general practice   

Shane & Johnny & RobertPanellists: Expert GP panel: Shane Gordon (NHS Alliance), Johnny Marshall (NAPC), Steve Mowle (RCGP), Robert Varnam (NHS Institute)

The panellists will discuss the key needs, challenges, opportunities and solutions for building comprehensive, meaningful and sustainable engagement between clinical commissioning groups and their member practices.

Variation in the NHS   

Phil da SilvaSpeaker: Phil Dasilva  (NHS Atlas of Variation)

Phil has just completed the second NHS Atlas of Variation. Here, he discusses the central importance of measuring and understanding variation in care, and taking action to reduce unwarranted variation.

Partnering with patients & communities  

Hazel StutelySpeaker: Hazel Stutely OBE (The HELP project & Peninsula Medical School)

Hazel, a nationally renowned leader of community transformation, discusses the opportunities and challenges of connecting with communities at a deep level, to share knowledge, decisions, power and responsibility with them. She will present the experience of using the "Connecting Communities" approach to achieve dramatic improvements in community empowerment and outcomes. 

Handling conflicts of interest   

Peter & DennisSpeakers: Peter Edwards (Capsticks), Dennis Cox (RCCGP) 

A presentation by the authors of recent national guidance produced in association with the NHS Confederation.  How can GPs avoid potential conflicts of interest when taking on new commissioning roles?  This is vital and practical advice for all CCG leaders.

Partnering with the 3rd sector 

Stephen BubbSpeaker: Sir Stephen Bubb.  Chief Executive, ACEVO.

Sir Stephen will explore the opportunities and challenges for clinical commissioning groups of working in partnership with third sector organisations, as representatives and advocates, as well as innovative providers.