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Single dose prostaglandin induction of labour Hot

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Area Classification

Midwifery Care

Briefly describe what it is

The use of Propess is a single dose slow release prostagandin which is inserted for up to 24 hours. It is used for the induction of labour in first and subsequent pregnacies and aids the ripening of the cervix in preperation for labour.

Were there any key things that you had to do to make it happen?

Our Consultants agreed to the change in practice and the pharmacy were involved in the change of prostaglandin prepration in order to alter our drug supply .A clincal guideline was devloped for both low risk and high rsk pregancies and training was provided for all staff grades.

Describe (and provide evidence) of the impact on quality of care

As it is a single dose adminstarion there is a reduction in induction delay which improves the chances of progressing to labour.
The singel dose preperation realeases midwifery time to provide more care.

Describe (and provide evidence) of the impact on patient (or staff) experience

Propess reduces the number of vaginal examination needed during the induction process which is kinder to women.
It is reported to cause less internal irritation and there is no longer anxiety caused by delayed reassessment for repeat Prostin.

Describe (and provide evidence) of the impact on reducing cost

Propess £30
Prostin gel £13.28
Propess is less likely to be repeated whereas prostin gel could require up to 3 doses in 24 hours with a possible 3 further doses after a 24 hour rest.
44% reduction in the use of oxytocin augmentation with Propess¹

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Induction of labour./IOL/Propess

User comments


Improved patient experience

The reduction in the need to repeat vaginal, often uncomfortable,examinations and labour progression improvement must have an impact and, can only improve, on that patient's experience. Cost implication appears minimal and reducing the risk of using oxytocin an undeniable improvement.
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