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Welcome to the team!

Welcome to the Team!

We are delighted that you will soon be joining us and this section is designed to provide you with some essential information that will give you a head start in your Induction Process

We have invested considerable time and effort in developing a comprehensive induction section on our NHS Institute's intranet. You'll have full access to this from the moment you are assigned your personal email address on your first day. Of course, your manager, your 'Buddy' and other members of your new team will help you with more practical things and there are some details about working with us that simply cannot be written down.

Induction Checklist

You will find the Induction Checklist helps to gain some understanding of the areas to be covered and understood during your first days and weeks. This list will be used by your manager or team representative to identify, with you, the things that are essential, desirable or beneficial for you to know.

Download the Induction Checklist in MS Word format

How the Induction Process Works

You will have already received some details of 'what happens now' in your employment offer letter, but here is a diagram showing the steps in more detail.

Are you new to the NHS?

Visit the NHS Choices Website, where you can find out much more about the NHS and how it works.

Essential Policies

Everyone needs to know how to book holidays and claim expenses, so here are the relevant policies.

Expenses policy
Annual leave policy and procedure

A full list of our policies are available on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQs to find the answers to some questions often asked by new starters.

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