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Fellows are accepted to join the Faculty through a competitive application process. Fellows come from every discipline and work at all levels, from ward nurse to CEO, united by their skill and passion for improvement. Applications for Fellowship will be re-opened for a 4 week period commencing from 21st December to Monday 21st January in order to invite interested people to apply and connect with the existing members to maximise the potential resource available to the NHS improvement community and the new Improvement Body from April 2013 onwards.

Invitations to apply for membership are aimed at those with the requisite expertise in patient safety and quality improvement. Fellows are called upon to invest time and effort in engaging with the Faculty and their peers in support of the cause of improving patient safety and quality of care. 

Associate Fellows

Associate Fellows are professionals who apply for Fellowship of the Faculty but do not meet the threshold for underpinning improvement science. Associate Fellows are given the following support:

Associate Fellowship is renewed one year at a time with the aim of transitioning to full Fellowship of the Faculty.

Honorary Fellows

Each year a small number of Honorary Fellows have been invited to join the Improvement Faculty. Under current governance arrangements, Honorary Fellows are selected by the NHS Institute Chief Executive in conjunction with the Faculty Programme Advisory Group. Selection is made on the basis of the individual's outstanding contribution to improving patient safety and quality of care, and national or international renown for their work in this field. Honorary Fellows commit to share their expertise with the Faculty Fellowship, raise the profile of the Improvement Faculty on the national and international stage and use their connections for the benefit of the Faculty.


The following description of governance arrangements describes the framework in place until the end of March 2013.  Information about changes to governance arrangements post March 2013 will be made available as soon as they are confirmed.

The Improvement Faculty for Patient Safety and Quality is governed by a Programme Advisory Group who report to the Executive Committee of the NHS Institute for Improvement and Innovation. It comprises five Fellows: Improvement Director and Medical Champion, Public Health Champion, Nursing Champion, Mental Health Champion and Systems Champion. These Fellows are amongst the UK’s leading improvers and are well qualified to provide the Faculty with the necessary guidance and leadership to achieve its objectives. The Programme Advisory Group provides a steer on strategic direction, quality assurance, investment of resources and the Faculty Programme.

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