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Transforming your Radiology Services
Recent years have seen diagnostic imaging become increasingly central to clinical processes with over 34 million examinations performed a year in NHS England. The resulting increase in demand has made imaging a frequent bottleneck in patient pathways and has contributed to long waits. Some of the frequent causes of delays occurs within the booking and reporting stages. Highly variable reporting processes still exist between units with frequent delays, waste and duplication. In the context of an increasing workload, efficient and effective booking and reporting systems are ever more crucial. The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement have produced two kits to help radiology departments review and assess their booking and reporting processes and identify areas for improvement for the benefit of patients of staff. Developed in co-production with the help of radiology departments and front line staff the Kits will:

Two copies have been sent to every NHS trust in England.

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Listen to a film of Erika Denton, National Clinical Lead for Imaging, Department of Health on why the Kits are a valuable and effective resource that can help make practical improvements to radiology services as well as focusing on the importance culture can have in making those improvements happen.
Focus On: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Low Back Pain

The NHS Institute has also produced Focus On: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Low Back Pain.  


The aim of the document is to highlight the ideal pathway and the key characteristics that optimise quality and value for patients requiring MRI. Although the focus of this work is on MRI in low back pain it is vital to recognise that the lessons learned have broad relevance to imaging pathways in general. The strength of this work is that builds upon many existing improvement ideas and best practice principles already evident in busy MRI units. We hope this is an opportunity for clinical radiology leaders and managers to use this document to develop local MRI services in a cost effective and sustainable way.     

Read the report Focus On: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Low Back Pain Podcast

Listen to an interview with Robin Evans Clinical Lead and Consultant Radiologist.Team

Robin Evans – Clinical Lead
Helen Crick – Co-production Manager
Sophie Cowley – Associate

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