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The Safer Nursing Care tool - Review and closure 

The SNCT web application developed by the NHS Institute and launched in 2010 was based on the work undertaken by the Association of UK University Hospitals (AUKUH). This web application has now been closed and the web pages removed.

Note that it is only the web application that has closed. The AUKUH Safer Nursing Care Tool remains and to access this click here.

Read Chief Nursing Officer Jane Cummings update from the Chief Nursing Officer's bulletin.

The decision to discontinue the SNCT web application was taken after an in-depth review conducted by NHS Institute staff in the autumn of 2012. It concluded that the tool was deficient in terms of ease of use and provided limited reporting functionality. It further concluded that given the closure of the NHS Institute in March 2013 there was not sufficient time to make all the necessary changes.

To download a copy of the NHS Institute review of the SNCT web application click here.

A replacement tool

We have developed a spreadsheet tool which is designed to help those who have input data into the SNCT web application. It contains two databases together with a number of charts and tables that are designed to help you get the most out of your data. It is also designed for users who want to continue or even start collecting Patient Acuity and related SNCT data.

SNCT Tool v18a FINAL(no Directorate Reporting)  SNCT Tool v18a FINAL(no Directorate Reporting)

SNCT Tool v2 FINAL 2003(no Directorate Reporting)  SNCT Tool v2 FINAL 2003(no Directorate Reporting)

SNCT Tool v2 FINAL_2007(no Directorate Reporting)  SNCT Tool v2 FINAL_2007(no Directorate Reporting)

SNCT mailbox

The SNCT email address will still be available until the 26th March 2013 for any existing users who have questions. After that date all queries should be directed to the NHS Institute general enquiries email address.