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Productive Integration

There is a growing literature base on ‘integration’ with many insights into national policy, organisational structures and models of care. Rather than dwelling on large scale, long term challenges, the Productive Integration Workshop Guide focuses on some of the key considerations at a team/local level.

This guide will help you and your team work through issues such as understanding other people’s roles, attitudes and shared values, whilst focusing on the patient through a workshop which is designed to aid integration of teams.

The subsequent joint work on Productive modules will enable teams to improve communication with each other, save time and duplication of effort, generally improve working relationships and provide a more integrated experience for the patient.

This guide is designed to provide assistance in bringing either two or more teams or an already integrated team composing of various disciplines together, in order to explore opportunities to improve integrated care by joint working on Productive modules. It is suitable for use across all of Productive programmes.

Testing has shown that it is also a useful starting point for teams generally before they begin their Productive programme journey.

What does the Productive Integration Workshop Guide?

1. Identifies a number of important factors to be in place
before frontline Productive Integration Workshop Guide graphic2.JPGteams work together on Productive modules.

2. Provides a method for obtaining patient experience feedback.

3. Describes ways that teams can consider and improve the effectiveness of their working relationships.

4. Ensures teams understand each other’s roles more comprehensively.

5. Provides facilitator notes for the preparation and running of a series of workshops for frontline teams.

It is pictorially represented as building blocks which go from the bottom up.

Organisations in NHS England can download the guide and resources for free.

Productive Integration at HMP Buckley Hall 
Find out how HMP Buckley Hall used the Productive Integration Workshop Guide to improve the healthcare services they provide.  Download Productive_Integration_Case_Study1.pdf Productive Integration at HMP Buckley Hall.pdf (160.34 KB)