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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a ThinkGlucose Campaign?

A ThinkGlucose Campaign is a structured programme of activities to launch and implement a major change programme within a trust, to improve the clinical pathway for the management of in-patients with diabetes as a secondary diagnosis.  The campaign will involve a number of people in the trust (see below), supported by the materials contained in the ThinkGlucose Campaign Pack supplied by the NHS Institute.

Q: Is ThinkGlucose just for acute hospitals?

ThinkGlucose was initially designed for in-patient hospital care. However due to demand we are currently looking into how community and mental health hospitals could use ThinkGlucose. 

For nursing or residential homes outside of the NHS who wish to be involved with ThinkGlucose please contact

Q: Who should be involved in our ThinkGlucose campaign?

As a major change programme, ThinkGlucose cannot be undertaken single-handedly.  We recommend the involvement of a multi-disciplinary team, including:  a trust Executive (to champion the cause and to facilitate change across the trust), Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Ward Staff, a Consultant, a Dietician, a Pharmacist, a Clinical Coder and a Clinical Auditor.  One person from this team should be nominated as the ThinkGlucose implementation lead, who you select is up to you but should ideally be someone with experience of running a large change programme.

Q: What support does the NHS Institute provide?

The entire programme of developing, testing, manufacturing and supply of the toolkits has been funded by NHS England. The toolkits, supported by the launch events, contain all the information required to run a successful ThinkGlucose campaign.

However we recognise the value and demand for a structured training programme during the implementation phase in helping to realise the programmes benefits quickly and easily. As such we offer bespoke support packages tailored to the individual needs of your trust. Options include diagnostic events, rapid improvement events, structured training, onsite and/or offsite facilitator support and master classes to name but a few.

If you would like to purchase a support package the first step is to begin a conversation about your needs. We can then develop the approach that would best suit you. Please contact one of our accredited delivery partners below:

Simon Bicknell 
Tel: 07775 624799

Shaping Health International Limited  
Lee Taylor 
Tel: 07796 202523 

Q: How do I get my ThinkGlucose toolkit?

If you would like to order a ThinkGlucose toolkit then please contact us.


Q: What should I do if the clinical advice does not match our local guidelines?

We have restricted the clinical advice to generic examples such as how insulin works (flashcards) or when to refer to the diabetes team (assessment tool). However the templates are available in the toolkit in an electronic form and we would encourage you to adapt them to whatever advice best suits your particular clinical environment.