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Created in partnership with Warwick Business School

Tool 1 - The Public Value Lens

What is the Public Value Lens?
The Public Value Lens is a series of questions designed to orientate the manager or decision maker towards the three components of Public Value. Considering and debating the questions will enable you to use the Public Value framework to shape your activities.
When can you use it?
The Lens is a very flexible tool. You can use these questions in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes.

  • Diagnose an area for work (what are our areas of weakness?)
  • Assess whether a process fits within a public value framework (does our way of making decisions create public value?) 
  • Assess the performance of a healthcare service (do our decisions add public value?)

Use of Public Value Lens

Click here to download the Use of Public Value Lens image, shown above Click here to download the Use of Public Value Lens image, shown above (286.66 KB).

What do you do with the Public Value Lens?

The questions are designed to orient you to a Public Value approach. You may wish to adapt the questions or to add additional questions. Local application is in keeping with the Public Value approach as long as you ensure the questions retain the structure and focus to the Strategic Triangle. Click here for more information on the Strategic Triangle.

The questions should be used as stimulus for debate and discussion. Do not allocate the task of answering the questions to one individual person alone. You might use them as semi-structured interview questions with a range of stakeholders, and as a frame for desk-based research of local documentation, publications or policies.

Lens flowchart

Click here to download the Public Value Lens questions, shown above Click here to download the Public Value Lens questions, shown above (175.16 KB).

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